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Keith Keller
Founder and Managing Director HVS Engineering

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Founded in 2005, HVS Engineering (HVS) conceptualised and invented a breakthrough mechanical cleaning process with a patented cleaning-ball devices to resolve various technical in older automatic tube cleaning systems for heating, ventiliation and air conditioning Industries

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Our History

HVS Engineering Pte Ltd was incorporated on Year 2005 for the sole purpose of developing, manufacturing and marketing of a novel cleaning invention conceived by its founders of 3 Engineers. It obtained the status of SEEDS Enterprise (administered by EDB-Economic Development Board) in Oct 2005. Currently, HVS is known as A SPRING SEEDS Investee Company of Spring Singapore.

HVS Engineering Pte Ltd is a pioneer company working on Automatic Online Tube Cleansing System with spiky balls  of varying densities to ensure ALL tubes are being cleansed. The cleaning principle behind the patented HVS cleaning system is to create Dynamic Zig-Zag Mechanical Cleaning Process through specially designed   off-centred spiky balls to clean grooves of heat exchanger tubes  by capitalizing on the force of moving water though the tubes.

 In 2013, HVS Engineering Pte Ltd  has developed a chemical-free water treatment system  with A-Star IMRE and has been accorded by Singapore Green Building Council with SGBC 4 ticks  in 2019 under the category Cooling Tower Water Treatment—Physical Devices (HVS-ECA System – Chemical-Free Water Treatment)

 In 2016, HVS Engineering Pte Ltd  has embarked on the development of  a rapid Total Bacteria Quantification Protocol with A-Star IMRE. Extensive lab-based optimization and site validation on the bacterial load in cooling tower waters has been conducted over the past years.  Currently, HVS is using this rapid detection  protocol as a tool to monitor the trend of the bacterial load over time and be used as early warning signal should there be a sudden upsurge of bacteria infestation.

Our Energy and Water Saving Solutions

HVS Engineering provides cost-effective energy and water-saving solutions for heat exchanger systems and cooling towers. We offer an improved automated method of cleaning and maintaining fluid-cooled tubes and shell heat exchanger systems which utilizes design-specific resilient brush balls circulating within part of the heat exchange system to clean foulings at the initial stage of formation. It is able to continuously circulate the brush balls through the tubes as compared to the intermittent cleaning sequence of the old system. This is to ensure fouling would not have any chance to occur. These specially designed spiky/brush balls can also reach and clean the grooves of the tube which are inaccessible to larger sponge balls. HVS Brush Balls’ unique property results in more effective cleaning and is reflected in the savings of at least 10 to 18% in electricity bills.

HVS Engineering provides an effective chemical-free water treatment system that has been vigorously reviewed and certified by Singapore Green Building Council with SGBC 4 ticks (LEADER) under the category Cooling Tower Water Treatment—Physical Devices which is suitable for open loop and close loop water distribution system. HVS has maintained constant efforts in improving our product efficacy and aspired to realize benefits of sustainable water savings through smart technology. Water savings of between 15 to 20% has been validated in our past projects.

HVS-ECA System is essentially ElectroChemical Activation – utilising electricity to activate the production of oxidizing chemicals for managing the water quality of  cooling towers. The unique features of HVS-ECA System for cooling tower application is the electrolytic water softening process and the onsite water disinfection system integrated with real-time water quality monitoring system for pH, TDS, ORP, Free Chlorine and Corrosion. HVS-ECA System continuously converting dissolved hardness ions (Calcium & Magnesium) from bulk water and extracting them physically as scale deposit out of the cooling water system and it enables cooling towers to operate at a much higher COC > 20 – hence savings water by 10 to 20%. No chemicals are needed as HVS-ECA System generate oxidising agents onsite. 

In addition, HVS is able to offer a total package for chemical-free water treatment system for both the open loop  (condenser cooling tower water) and close loop (evaporator cooling water) – to manage the water quality by utilizing HVS-WQM System and using HVS-RBQ System (TBQ & TLD) – a proprietary rapid total bacterial detection and quantification system to monitor the bacterial trend over time

Our Vision

To become a market leader in providing our clients with innovative smart technological solutions for the optimization of heat transfer equipment and maximizing water-savings – consistently exceeding their expectations through lowering their operational costs and reducing environmental impact. We will continue to place strong emphasis on developing innovative technology in tandem with industrial demand and to establish awareness, propagate, promote and encourage use of energy savings and energy efficient products as well as water-savings solution that add value for our customers in the HVAC, Oil & Gas industry, Marine & Shipping and Power & Process Industries.

Our Value

Our corporate culture and value have always been to empower our staff to take ownership and responsibility of their appointed role and make sound decision in the best interest of the company – nurturing sincere relationships and open communications to ensure continual success.  We are committed to doing business in a consistent and transparent way with all our clients. We are committed to working with our clients to create the highest level of added value. We are committed to delivering excellence in service anytime, anywhere.

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