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HVS Engineering’s Innovative Solutions for Energy Efficiency and Water Conservation

HVS ATC System Solutions

HVS Engineering Based in Singapore

HVS Engineering Pte Ltd, established in 2005, offers green and sustainable energy and water savings solutions for chillers and cooling towers. The company obtained SEEDS Enterprise status in 2005 for its novel automatic cleaning invention and sustainable water savings technology. In 2013, HVS developed a chemical-free water treatment system certified by the Singapore Green Building Council.  We also developed a rapid bacteria quantification system for cooling tower waters. Currently, we are working on a rapid legionella detection kit. In 2018, HVS completed the HVS-WQM System, a cloud-based water quality monitoring system for open and closed-loop applications.

Our innovative solutions

Cost-effective Solutions for Saving Energy and Water

HVS Engineering is a pioneer among other water treatment companies in Singapore that  takes pride in providing cost-effective solutions that promote energy efficiency and water conservation. Our automated cleaning mechanism, which is equipped with durable brush balls, greatly minimises fouling and contributes to significant savings of up to 10-18% on electricity expenses. Furthermore, our non-chemical water treatment system ensures the long-term management of condenser cooling towers, while our proprietary detection technology successfully monitors bacterial trends.

Greener Future
HVS Engineering is dedicated to altering the landscape of water treatment through creative and eco-conscious technologies. Our commitment to sustainability is obvious in our cutting-edge solutions that promote water conservation and environmental well-being.

Our Solution

HVS-ATC System

Automatic Tube Cleaning Solution

Our ATC System uses innovative spiky balls to revolutionize the process of cleaning chiller condenser tubes. It cleans the grooves of heat exchanger tubes efficiently by utilizing the force of moving water, assuring optimal performance and energy efficiency.

HVS-ECA System

Electro-Chlorination for Water Quality Management

With our ECA System, we use the power of electro-chlorination to trigger the synthesis of oxidizing chemicals, efficiently controlling the water quality of cooling towers and promoting a sustainable and eco-friendly approach to water treatment.

HVS-WQM System

Cloud-based Water Quality Management Solution

Our HVS-WQM System combines cutting-edge cloud-based technology with real-time monitoring of water quality. Its pH, TDS, ORP, Turbidity, Salinity, Hardness, Free Chlorine, COD, BOD, Corrosion Monitoring for Cu, and Corrosion Monitoring for SS sensors enable complete and efficient water quality management for open and closed-loop applications.

HVS-DAS System

Dynamic Energy Reduction Solution

The DAS System is a game changer because it uses an embedded learning algorithm to maximize energy savings in real-time. This unique approach dynamically minimizes chiller energy use, demonstrating our dedication to sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

HVS-RBQ System

Rapid Bacterial Quantification Technology

Our RBQ System, which uses nanogold technology, provides quick bacterial quantification findings in under 10 minutes. Our current research includes the creation of a quick test kit for the identification of legionella in cooling towers in as little as 15 minutes, demonstrating our commitment to guaranteeing water safety and quality.

Explore our extensive selection of water treatment solutions and join us in our mission to make the world a better and more sustainable place. Contact us today to learn more about how HVS Engineering water treatment company in Singapore can transform your approach to water treatment.

Why Choose HVS Engineering for Your Water Treatment Needs?

Proven Track Record: With over a decade of expertise, HVS Engineering has established itself as a pioneer in novel water treatment solutions. Our track record speaks for itself, with many successful projects and delighted clients.

Customized Solutions: We recognise that each client is unique, thus we provide tailored solutions to match your specific needs. Whether you require automatic cleaning of chiller condenser tubes or real-time water quality monitoring, we have the expertise to provide.

Commitment to Sustainability: At HVS Engineering, we are passionate about creating a greener future. Our solutions not only save energy and water, but also benefit the environment. By working with us, you are not only investing in your business, but also in the environment.

Cutting-Edge Technology: We prioritise innovation in everything we do. Our skilled team is always studying and developing new technologies in order to keep ahead of the competition. When you hire HVS Engineering, you can be confident that you will receive the most up-to-date and innovative solutions available.

Awards & Certificates

Our unwavering pursuit of quality has earned us recognition and appreciation from respected organisations and industry leaders all over the world. We are extremely proud of our commitment to creating groundbreaking solutions that raise the bar among the water treatment companies in Singapore.