HVS-ECA System

Chemical-Free Water Treatment for Cooling Towers with Effective Bacteria Control and Hardness Removal Capabilities


HVS-ECA System for Cooling Tower


Welcome to the future of efficient and sustainable cooling tower water treatment with the HVS-ECA System. Our ground-breaking technology is intended to address the difficulties of Legionella water management and scale accumulation without the use of toxic chemicals. With an emphasis on maintaining water quality and lowering operational costs, our system provides a comprehensive solution for your cooling tower requirements.


Major cooling tower cleaning processes including cold water basins, hot water basins and infills will dislodge and churn up stagnant biofilm, algae and organic mass, resulting in a sudden slough of suspended solids in the water basins which is likely to result in the sudden release of legionella bacteria encapsulated in those stagnant biofilms, algae or organic mass. Obtaining water samples for legionella testing immediately after major cooling tower washings will yield results that do not reflect the actual steady-state conditions of the circulating water. Hence, it is strongly recommended that no major cleaning of cooling towers be conducted at least 4 weeks prior to any scheduled quarterly mandatory water sample collection for legionella testing by an accredited lab.

Legionella bacteria are naturally present in the environment. Due to the operational nature of the cooling towers, where air is being continuously sucked into them, legionella bacteria could and would infiltrate into the cooling tower water treatment system via rainwater, dust particulates and air sucked into the system from the environment or released from thick biofilm mass and biofouling. Such external factors are not within the control of HVS, hence it is not possible to ensure a 100% legionella-free cooling tower water treatment system at all times in all corners of the cooling tower system. Overall water quality management is solely the responsibility of the legal owner of cooling towers.

In the event of positive legionella bacteria detection exceeding the threshold of 10 cfu/ml, a remedial procedure is activated and disinfection of the affected cooling tower with slug dosing of disinfectants in accordance with industrial practices and protocols at cost is advised to the owner. HVS’s responsibility is limited to such remedial steps and shall have no further responsibility for any further consequential loss and damages whatsoever and whatsoever arising.


Introducing the HVS-ECA System Technology

HVS Engineering has developed a proprietary pulsed technology for electrochemical activation with the primary function of rapidly descaling the condenser tubes and electrolytically precipitating calcium and magnesium hardness ions from bulk water. It also has on-site disinfectant production to provide water sanitisation and pH manipulation capability, which helps to reduce bio-growth and bacteria. 

Utilising electro-chemical activation technology, the HVS-ECA System infuses circulating water (open loop and closed loop) with on-site generated powerful hypochlorites, strong oxidising agents and a slew of oxidants to replace the conventional harsh and toxic chemical usage in water treatment. Free chlorine is electrode-processed and is not a harsh industrially manufactured chemical which can be environmentally damaging both for the cooling tower system and when discharged into the sewage.

The HVS-ECA System is a novel dual-function electrochemical activation system that promotes the rapid removal of calcium, magnesium, carbonate and silicate scale-forming ions physically and generates a slew of mixed oxidants on-site during the process of electrochemical activation of water to replace the traditional standard chemicals and oxidising agents. 

Operation of the HVS-ECA System also results in free chlorine production (with disinfection properties) onsite. The HVS-ECA System is a scale-removal system designed principally for the purpose of removing scale-formation ions from the water within the cooling tower, thereby retarding as well as dissolving the existing scale deposits within the walls and pipes of the chiller system which enables a much more efficient chiller system and lowers energy consumption. Removal of scale formation ions enables the cooling tower to run at a higher cycle of concentration without frequent blowdown compared to existing industry practices thereby enabling more water savings in the range of 10% to 20%.


Advantages of HVS-ECA System

Advantages of the HVS-ECA System over existing HVS chemical- free system

  • Green technology – Promoting sustainability through environmentally-friendly solutions.
  • Low Energy System – This system ensures energy efficiency throughout the operation.
  • Modular design – Allows for simple installation and customisation based on your needs.
  • Small footprint – Uses as little space as possible without sacrificing functionality.
  • No Chemicals Needed – Eliminating the usage of dangerous chemicals for a safer workplace.
  • No toxic chemical storage hazard – Reducing environmental impact through proper wastewater management.
  • Near-zero toxic sewer discharge – Improving water use and reducing waste.
  • Minimum Bleed Loss – Significant savings in chemical, labour, and water usage expenditures.

Potential Benefits of the HVS-ECA System for Cooling Tower operation

  • 100% savings on harsh chemicals with the non-chemical water treatment system (no more toxic waste water to the sewer) – for both open loop and closed loop.
  • 40~80% savings on blowdown (COC enhancement – depending on make-up water quality and operational requirements)
  • 50~90% savings on labour costs (near automatic system)
  • Absolutely environmentally safe (green technology)
  • Modular design, small footprint, easy installation – no disruption to cooling tower operation.

Scale Extracted From Bulk Water