HVS-ATC System

Effective Automatic Enhanced/Grooved Tube Cleaning System with patented HVS-Spiky Balls for Chillers


HVS ATC System : The Working Principle

The HVS automatic tube cleaning system in Singapore brings in a new era of efficient and environmentally friendly chiller servicing. Our cutting-edge technology transforms the cleaning and maintenance of heat exchangers, assuring optimal performance and energy savings. Learn more about our cutting-edge system and how it can revolutionise your business.

HVS ATC System : Unraveling the Technology

Driven by the inherent cooling water flow through the heat exchanger, the mechanical movements of appropriately proportioned, sized and weighted HVS Brush Balls bounce and rotate with high velocity, constantly scrubbing and removing the dirt and scales in the heat exchanger tubes.

The foulants in the tubes are then brushed and flushed out by these balls as they dynamically scrub and work their way along the tubes. Due to the removal being a physical and mechanical process and HVS brush balls being smaller than the internal diameter of tubes, it is not subject to any pressure loss across the heat exchanger, variability of fluid chemistry or flow velocity. Hence, this method of cleaning is robust and highly reliable which can cater for particulates, chemical deposition, and biological foulings all at once.



Efficient Cleaning Mechanism: HVS ATC System is to prevent dirt accumulation and scale formation on the heat transfer surface. Once the HVS Brush Balls enter the tubes, the basic cleaning mechanism is achieved by way of random dynamic zig-zag and rotational motion as the cleaning device translates across the tube under the influence of the motive force of water without the need for additional energy input or pumping power. 

The HVS automatic tube cleaning system in Singapore is designed to maintain continuous circulation of HVS brush balls to ensure that the internal groove surfaces of tubes are constantly and consistently cleansed. 

Energy Savings and Environmental impact: The benefits of HVS ATC Systems have been extensively documented and verified to save energy in the magnitude of 10%-30%. HVS ATC System provides an effective “green” method of eliminating microfouling and macrofouling problems, thus eliminating significant energy and water waste, reducing environmental impact and decreasing greenhouse gas emissions. 

Adaptability and Longevity: HVS automatic tube cleaning system in Singapore is suitably designed to retrofit existing equipment and can immediately improve efficiency and extend its operational life span. HVS auto tube cleaners have been proven to mitigate macrofouling manifested in seawater-based industrial heat exchangers used in oil and gas sector, petrochemical plants and the marine & shipping industry.


HVS ATC System Specification

  • Automatic online tube cleaning system with a computer control panel.
  • Multiple modules for ball re-circulation, entrapment, and diversion.
  • Customisable cleaning cycle frequency and timings for tailored performance.
  • Green Building Product Label Certification, guaranteeing eco-friendliness.
  • Independent operation from the chiller system pressure and flow rate.

HVS ATC System : Main Components

  • Cyclonic ball agitation-cum-storage module with viewing window: Gain visual insight into the system’s powerful cyclonic ball agitation and storage functionality, assuring peak performance.
  • Ball Retrieval Module: Our retrieval module is quick and efficient, ensuring smooth ball retrieval without interfering with the condenser chiller system’s operational pressure and flow rate.
  • Ball Injection Module: Our innovative injection module allows for the easy insertion of cleaning balls, ensuring that cleaning cycles are flawless and uninterrupted.
  • Computerised Control Panel: With our user-friendly computerised control panel, you can easily manage and monitor the entire ATC system, giving you complete control over the cleaning cycle frequency, injection timing, retrieval timing, and rest cycle timing.
  • Master Mechanical Components Control System: Our master programmable logic controller allows you to tailor the system’s settings to your individual operational circumstances, assuring peak performance from each chiller condenser.

Why Should You Choose The HVS Automatic Tube Cleaning System in Singapore?

  • Green Building product label certification: The Singapore Green Building Council has awarded our ATC System a coveted 4-tick Green Building Product Label Certification, demonstrating our dedication to ecologically friendly and sustainable solutions. Trust in our system to reflect your eco-conscious principles.
  • Independent operational efficiency: Our auto tube cleaning system for chillers functions independently of the inherent condenser chiller system pressure and flow rate, ensuring seamless and efficient cleaning cycles with no performance sacrifice.
  • Precise cleaning mechanism: Our method, which is equipped with a unique ball cleaning system with strategically placed spikes, effortlessly reaches and cleans the delicate grooves of improved tubes, assuring comprehensive and effective cleaning with each cycle.
  • Optimised ball dimensions: Our cleaning balls are precisely constructed to have a smaller diameter than the tubes, ensuring maximum coverage and cleaning effectiveness without interfering with the system’s performance.
  • Dynamic cleaning performance: The incorporation of eccentrically weighted cleaning balls with our method enables a dynamic zig-zag impact cleaning mechanism, effectively cleaning the grooves of improved tubes while preserving excellent condenser performance.
  • Seamless operation: Our ATC System ensures that cool condenser water and warm condenser water do not mix during each cleaning cycle, ensuring a smooth and efficient operation with no negative effects on overall performance.
  • Efficient and non-disruptive functionality: Rest assured that our cleaning devices (spiky balls) are designed to avoid any further pressure loss across the condenser tube cleaning system during the cleaning process, preserving the performance of your system.
  • Tailored interlocking capability: With its superior interlocking capacity, our ATC System easily interacts with the operation of your condenser chiller system, streamlining overall operation for optimal efficiency.
  • Robust and customised design: The cleaning devices (spiky balls) in our system are precisely created with various specific gravities and asymmetric weighting, ensuring enhanced vertical ball distribution and excellent cleaning effectiveness based on the specific operating characteristics of your condenser chiller system.
  • Durable and chemical-resistant build: Our cleaning devices (spiky balls) are made of a tough, chemical-resistant material that ensures long-term durability and constant performance even in the most severe operational situations.
  • Long-lasting performance: With the ability to withstand a cleaning frequency of at least 25,000 cleaning cycles or 6 months (whichever comes first) before needing to be replaced, our ATC System is designed to provide long-lasting and dependable performance.