In the media

  • Stringent selection criteria are employed. HVS Engineering is a deserving recipient of the inaugural SEC-Senoko Power Green Innovations Award 2005. 
    -Singapore Environment Council, Nov 2005

  • HVS is honored by Singapore Environment Council for producing an environment-friendly technology – HVS® Cleaning System that save users up to 30% in energy cost
    The Straits Times, 15 Nov 2005

  • HVS spiky balls with special geometrical properties that enhance the tube cleaning process and can cut energy consumption by up to 35%”
    The Business Times, 14 Nov 2005

  • HVS Cleaning System is highly innovative and it is virtually maintenance-free and easy to install”
    EDB Investment News, Feb 2005

  • HVS Engineering’s patented cleaning system for heat exchangers has seen it grow from strength to strength” – The Business Times,June 2011

our Achievements & Awards

Emerging Enterprise award 2011

finalist of EEA2011

Singapore green Building 2011

certified green product with 4 ticks (Leader)

Technology Enterprise Commercialization Scheme (2009)

awarded a research grant by SPRING SINGAPORE

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Get up Programme

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Senoko Power Green Innovations Award 2005

Winner of the inaugural Singapore Environment Council (SEC)

Startup Enterprise Development Scheme (SEEDS)

Honoree of SEEDS




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Distributorship Agreement

JTC R&D Project

Developing & Sustainable Water Solution Using Sand Aquifer